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A reminder: the title sets the tone

A Brian Hilmers creation

Kaiser meet social media

My medical provider Kaiser Permanente just sent an email update on their H1N1 flu vaccine availability with the helpful sounding subject line: H1N1 vaccine now available to all Kaiser Permanente members. Previously, they would only give vaccines to the most high risk groups, mainly based on age. Inside this email was a link to their website and a phone number (1-800-KP-FLU-11) to call to find out where the next flu clinic would be. Let's put aside for a minute that Kaiser has my zip code and could have sent along the location and schedule. However, clicking the link just gave the same phone number. Kaiser it's 2010, you have my location and a website - you could really stand to use your website to disseminate relevant information.Moving on, I gave up and called the flu clinic hotline number. After using the voice prompt system (it got my local facility on the second try), it played recorded information from December 7, 2009 that all vaccinations have been centralized at anothe…

A small feed related note

If you are reading this in a feed reader then you are probably subscribed to my Feedburner-ized feed of shellen dot com, which is cool, but as of today I decided to stop blending in my Flickr photos. I still like Flickr, I still take photos like this recent one of my old Sony Sports Walkman, but it's mucking up some other things l've been using like Friendfeed and Tumblr with duplicate posts. If you still want to subscribe to my photos you can add this link to my Flickr stream or use this link if you use Google Reader. Thanks!

Video-enabled digital SLRs go hip-hop

I knew that after buying a fancy new camera, the Canon 50D, that Canon would release one with HD video soon. True to form, just a few months after I made my purchase Canon released the Canon 5D Mark II. I wasn't too sad, after all the camera was $1000 more than the one I had purchased. However, Canon announced another HD video enabled SLR for $1000 under what I had paid for the 50D, the EOS Digital Rebel TSi. As an early technology adopter this is not an uncommon occurrence for me, but I did end up on the unfortunate end of what appears to be a new era in digital photography and video technology. For the record, the Canon 50D is still a stellar still photo camera, but I see a video SLR swap in the future, perhaps the even newer 7D. Here's the side-by-side comparison on DPReview of all mentioned cameras....Soon after the first of the HD video SLR's came out, stunning videos began to surface making full use of the great lenses available to still photographers. You had to won…

A robin among the persimmons

I took this photo outside our house the other day. This photo is also part of a test I'm doing. I uploaded the photo here with Picasa for Mac's BlogThis plug-in but I also uploaded it to Flickr and Brizzly. So far, Brizzly is the easiest upload but I suspect that the compression used will make the photo look best on Flickr. I'll keep you posted on the results.