A simple theory

Ivor Tossell's interesting theory on the differences between Facebook and Twitter in The Globe and Mail:

"Facebook is about people you used to know; Twitter is about people you'd like to know better."

This seems to hold true in my experience, how about you?


  1. ha ha! I guess I should get on Twitter then and stop facebook stalking. I'd even go a step further and say most people's facebook is mainly designed to impress people (they used to know) they don't even like.

  2. Absolutely, I think Twitter is more honest & it's more of a conversation than static content.

  3. I had heard about Twitter but didn't give it a shot til now... interesting animal. Will have to play w/ more. Seems for the more technology l33t than the average Joe.

    Is that a smart way to go? hmmm

  4. @mippyman

    it is most definitely for the average joe. you'll have to give it a try...the functionality and use becomes more apparent once you have people to follow and followers. It's been a struggle to get a lot of my friends on Twitter, but once they get over the hump and understand the concept of social media and twitter, it's not only powerful, but addictive! get your close friends to join and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn, how much easier it is to get together, and more!

    And so many blogs, companies, and etc are on Twitter...it's like a mini-RSS feed...but better bcuz u get all the little quips, secrets, and tips galore. GET ON IT!


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