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Apart from making with the jokes on Twitter, I have been very busy starting a new company, Plinky, Inc.. In short, Plinky will be focused on helping people have fun while creating great content.I've had an idea for this new web application for a long time and thought about incubating it under the banner of The Secret Agency which I created last fall to do such things. A funny thing happened on the way to the incubator idea though, what happens if one of the ideas consumes you and seems like it really has legs? After iterating since last fall with my friend Sim Simeonov the idea for Plinky was consuming me and I decided to raise some seed funding to help build it out as a company focused on one product. I'm accepting a round of financing from the nice folks at Polaris Ventures in Boston as well as some smart angels (to be announced at a later date). When we are done with the round we should be at about $1.5M raised to help propel us.We have a small team of web developers and wi…