Raid over Moscow

It's amazing to think that in 1985 I played a computer game based on taking out nuclear sites in the USSR and now years later I'm heading over to get a look at the Kremlin in the flesh. Hopefully it's not really the way it looked in 8-bit graphics on the C-64.

Either way I'm glad that Russia and the US are pals now. I also hope todays kids are smarter than I and play things like 'Humanitarian mission to the Congo'. I would buy a copy.


  1. Hi Jason

    My second PC was a Commodore 64. My first was a Sinclair ZX 81. It came with 1kb memory yet I upgraded it with a 16 kb ram pack!

    Now that was brute power!

    I've been trying to end starvation for over a decade now and think blogging is part of the answer.

    You even gave me an award during the 2003 Blogathon for best writing project. I wrote to 24 world leaders (with real letters) in 24 hours.

    I've just started up another blog at so my question to you, is how can I get billions of people to decide ending starvation is the world's #1 priority?

    Given the growth of comms technology I want to run a global poll to ask the world what OUR #1 goal should be.

    My old world message day site is at

    Oh, I almost forgot, I've invented a new form of math that's easier than what kids learn today. It's kind of better in the way MCMLXXXVIII is better than 1988.

    My goal is to make enough money from my project to work full-time ending starvation!

    Any ideas?

  2. In russia we have many games for ZX Spectrum and "286 Series" like "Blow the Washington D.C. with 2 nuclear warheads" and "Perestroyka" :)
    Now, so many changes in the world :)

    You Must See Russia "dacha" and "Shashliki" :) (it's like "barbeku" in Summer House near lake).

    Eugene Ruzheynikov. SUP. Msk.

  3. Enjoy the onion domes! The 1988 photo is magnificent.


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