My email is s-l-o-w and I've redesigned

Since sometime last week all email sent to all addresses at this domain started getting the slowdown treatment. That's because I'm using Dreamhost to host this website and all mail forwards. My email is really being forwarded to my Gmail account. Both Google and Dreamhost seem aware of this issue and yet it's still happening !

A moment ago I received an invitation to have breakfast this morning in San Francisco... sent 6 days ago! If I haven't responded to an email of yours my apologies, please contact me directly at my Gmail address if it's urgent. It's my last name @ Otherwise, SMS or IM or phone all work well if you've got 'em.

In more upbeat news, this is the first post I've made since a little redesign of the blog so if you read this in a feed reader take a peek at the actual site and let me know what you think.


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