I'll say it, Shellen is a tease

A preponderance of choices from jasonshellen on Vimeo.

The other day I chronicled how I was feeling about a decision or two I'm in the middle of making. I think I've made up my mind but you'll have to wait until Friday for part two.

[update] Why did I promise Friday? These things always take longer in real life. How about next week?


  1. Wishing you the best in making your decision ... but somehow I think your mind's made up.

  2. You should also take a moment to pat yourself on the back.... Quite an accomplishment to be where you are right now.

    Good going!

  3. Great video. Important moment.

  4. Great quality video...how did you capture that? Good luck with the closing and looking forward to seeing what decision you made!

  5. I use a JVC Everio MG-505 hard disk camcorder. It has an standard definition wide-screen mode so you can fake 16:9 for HD screens. It's a great camera, I'll write a follow-up post about it soon.


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