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Ghosts of Christmas past: 1988

The Shellen brothers wish you a very Merry Christmas. If there had been a thing such as YouTube in 1988 we would have used our Fisher Price PXL-2000 videocam to make you something with our gifts that day, such as the Nerf flag football set and the Star Stage. This photo actually explains a lot about the Shellen brothers if you look carefully. Merry Christmas everybody, we hope you get a snazzy robe or something flannel.

I'm joining LiveJournal as VP of Product Development

From the announcement to the LiveJournal community: We are happy to announce that Jason Shellen will be joining
the team as our new Vice President of Product Development at
LiveJournal, Inc. Jason comes to us with very relevant experience,
having been part of Pyra Labs, which created Blogger. In 2003
Google acquired Blogger and Jason went on to work as Product
Manager for Google Reader and became part of the Google New
Business Development team.Jason will manage product development for LiveJournal, Inc.
and also oversee the pipeline of new products that SUP is
producing in other markets around the world. He'll be located
out of the LiveJournal, Inc. office in San Francisco.More on this over the next few days. In the meanwhile, here is the official press release. I'm very excited about this opportunity and hope to build great things over the next few years.

Everyone's a critic

Regarding my call for feedback on my new blog design the other day:I took a peek.
You asked, so I'll tell you.
It's great except the lettering on the ""
title at the top looks kind of fuzzy and weak.
I know! It looks like it was done on an Etch-a-Sketch!
I think a different font would be better.
Just my opinion.
Otherwise, very impressive.Love you.
MomShe's not wrong (or alone in her distaste) the logo has been messed up for about 7 years. It's a mis-use of Kottke's Silkscreen font that was meant for small navigational areas where a bitmap would be best. What am I doing wrong? I'm aliasing it or anti-aliasing... wait, I can't decide if I'm pro or anti-alias. Either way it looks horrible the other way too. I hereby promise a new logo design for 2008. My mother and Biz Stone will be pleased and really that's all anyone can ask for in this crazy world.

Next year: Stephen King novel adaptation in graham cracker

My youngest brother Grant explains in his post that we had a friendly little graham cracker house making party at Mom's recently. My competitive spirit lay dormant until he reminded me in the midst of building how creative (demented?) I had been in years past.Jason has been more adventurous, one year creating a graham-cracker car accident that left a gingerbread man severed in half, bleeding red sprinkle blood onto the foil road beneath him, still a smile on his lifeless face.Morbid but true. This year's house is not quite as full bore as I had hoped but I had to try so I decided to make an American Gladiator joust style event gone awry on the side of the house. The tree turned out odd too.I think my sister-in-law Heather's tribute to Joseph Eichler would win if Froot Loop trophys had been awarded. Here are a few more photos of my graham cracker house. See Grant's blog for the other more G-rated houses where gingerbread men live happier, sugar coated lives.

I'll say it, Shellen is a tease

A preponderance of choices from jasonshellen on Vimeo.The other day I chronicled how I was feeling about a decision or two I'm in the middle of making. I think I've made up my mind but you'll have to wait until Friday for part two.[update] Why did I promise Friday? These things always take longer in real life. How about next week?

My email is s-l-o-w and I've redesigned

Since sometime last week all email sent to all addresses at this domain started getting the slowdown treatment. That's because I'm using Dreamhost to host this website and all mail forwards. My email is really being forwarded to my Gmail account. Both Google and Dreamhost seem aware of this issue and yet it's still happening !A moment ago I received an invitation to have breakfast this morning in San Francisco... sent 6 days ago! If I haven't responded to an email of yours my apologies, please contact me directly at my Gmail address if it's urgent. It's my last name @ Otherwise, SMS or IM or phone all work well if you've got 'em.In more upbeat news, this is the first post I've made since a little redesign of the blog so if you read this in a feed reader take a peek at the actual site and let me know what you think.