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Happy Halloween, from the bottom of our bags of loot


Save more than pennies

Motivated by Blog Action Day and These Come From Trees, I started thinking about all the physical junk mail that I still receive every day of every week even after filling out the JunkBusters form. My main source of frustration is with the PennySaver USA circular that I seem to receive twice weekly. Do you get this too? I always put them in the recycling bin and never, ever read them. I don't receive a paper either but that's probably not surprising.I found out that you can request to be removed from their circulation by writing them a letter.The quick math on stopping a circular like this from arriving in you mailbox every week: If one Penny Saver is roughly 1 ounce (I'm guessing) and a delivery once a week, you will have saved 3.25 pounds of wasted paper by the end of one year or 32.5 pounds over 10 years! If they send twice weekly as I suspect, then the savings is even greater. I sent my request using EZ Gram - a service that allows you to write your letter online and t…

Take Action: Tell Toyota to get in gear on better gas mileage

I'm a happy Toyota customer and were picking up an new Toyota Highland Hybrid in a week. I'm disappointed in their lobbying efforts to fight higher MPGs over the next few years. Use this form to let Toyota know you are disappointed too.

Shaking things up a bit on the blog design

I figure if I switch to a stock blogger template for a little while it will force me to do the major redesign I've been hoping to do for a long time. Sometimes you need to introduce change to get things moving. Watch for changes on the site, the feed won't change nary a bit.