Nexus of the universe Jerry, nexus of the universe

Damn these list posts! They are easy to do though. Ok, four things:
  1. I'm back baby. Let's do lunch, coffee, or whatever. Ask away. I'm in San Francisco a few times a week and can even be convinced to come down to Palo Alto/Mountain View if necessary. Bonus points if you want to come hang out in the East Bay.
  2. Are you awesome?I have stumbled into the nexus of the universe in terms of people offering (or asking if I know anyone good to fill) VP/Director and senior product management and business development jobs. The only thing is I'm not really interested in taking a job at the moment but if you are awesome and want one of the aforementioned positions let me know. I may have to implement some sort of job board if this gets out of control. I have a lot of people asking about good designers too. For those, why not use my comments below to post a link to your portfolio and I can point people there, ok?
  3. Inbox zero? Not quite yet, but I'm at 19 email in the inbox down from 2500+ this morning! If I haven't responded to you by now then I've lost it - resend.
  4. It's a secret... but if you want to know when it's no longer a secret, sign up for the mailing list.


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