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Last day at Google

The response to my last post has been fantastic. I've had a ton of really nice email and an abundance of comments. Thanks to everyone who wrote in and just a few quick follow-ups to provide a bit more clarity:Where are you *really* going? I see you Twittering a lot, you're going to Twitter aren't you? No. I'm really going to take about 6 weeks off before I dive into the next thing. I've been approached about a few exec/CEO type positions at some smaller companies and I have a lot to think about. If I were betting on me (?), I would say odds are good that I'm going to start my own company in the fall/winter and will pick up on some great discussions I've had with VCs and angels in September. You never know though, there might be something awesome that might be a perfect fit.Did you leave Google yet? I work here and I saw you lurking in a hallway, should I call Security? My last day is today. In fact, I'm planning to go to my favorite cafe (Charlie's)…

`Lucky' returns to Bay Area grocery stores

I never switched to calling the old Lucky's stores Albertson's so I am a fan of this development. Very glad they didn't go all the way back to renaming them Alpha-Beta.

WSJ: Q&A: Engineers Discuss the Evolution of Blogging -

Case and I aren't engineers but we play them in the Wall Street Journal.

My time at Google, by the numbers

I joined Google as part of the Blogger acquisition in February 2003. There were only six of us on the Pyra Labs team and we were Google's first acquisition*. Google was only about 600 employees strong. There were times when we felt like royalty and other times when we felt like guinea pigs but all-in-all it has been an amazing ride. I'm very grateful that after joining that I was not only able to contribute on Blogger but to start-up my own product (Google Reader) which by most accounts is now the #1 web-based feed reader. When I wanted to get back to business development I found a great home on a fantastic team and even got to work on products I know and love like Picasa, Reader and Blogger.I've been working with Blogger for a long time. In October 2000, I tracked down the co-founders Ev and Meg. Having become a Blogger user and fan in mid-2000, I asked if they were making any money and if they could use any help. The answers were "No and Yes." Even though I was…

On vacation at the lake

On vacation at the lake
Originally uploaded by jasonshellen Happy Fourth of July (or Third for my old pal Clint G). See you next week.