I've never really asked much of my readers

Other than tolerating my terse, poorly written personal posts, suffering Google product announcements, and the occasional photos - I haven't really asked much of you, my dear readers. However, my youngest brother, Grant has a band called Farewell Typewriter and they just released their first EP (that's a fancy way of saying 'a few songs shy of a whole album') and they are playing Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco this Sunday night to celebrate with an official CD-release party. They are actually opening for Trainwreck, featuring one half of Tenacious D, Kyle Gass. It should be a good time and I urge you to come on down on Sunday night or if you live too far away or have other plans then surely at the very least, you can check out their music on iTunes, Napster (people still use that?), or even MySpace.

Fun facts::

  1. Grant and I designed the album cover together. Grant's main contribution was telling me to put a phone on the cover and wincing at my attempts to make it look cool. My main contribution was knowing how to operate Adobe Illustrator. In either case the music is pop/punky in parts and good old alt-rock in others. Some have said his music has cured their ailments and brought good fortune upon their haberdasheries, but that's just what I'm told. I just know it's a good bit of music to crank up to 11 on the old gramophone. Click the album above to be whisked away to iTunes to buy the album for the low-low price of $5.94 - a bargain at any price.
  2. You may know Grant from his work on the Blogger Mobile jingle (on the upper right corner)
  3. I may know Grant from the time he scribbled on an award I won when I was 11 and he was 3. As you can see I've mostly gotten over that and am mostly supportive of his artwork these days, mostly.


  1. A few videos of the boys here. Also, Grant has warned that the show might sell out so buy your tickets now. Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi Jason,
    I am the Aunt of Chrissy and Terri Shellen. I am trying to reach them and their mother, Pat. My daughter, Michelle, has recently found her dad's, (Chuck) and Pat's real family, before they were adopted. Chuck and Pat are full brother and sister and were alienated from the rest of their siblings when they were very young. Please let me know how I can contact Chrissy and Terri. It has been many years. I live in Eugene Oregon. Thank you in advance for your help. My e-mail address is diannagraff@comcast.net

    Dianna Graff


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