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Peace, brought to you by Mom

My Mom, Toni, retired from teaching grade school after over 20 years of service over the years. Of course that has only slowed her down a little. She's now a delegate for the Democratic party in California and spends quite a bit of time protesting the Iraq war, sorting out who would make the best candidate for president (she's seen Obama and Edwards on their Bay Area trips) and working for peace at the local level with a church group. Frankly, I thought retirement looked a lot more like relaxing before I saw her retire (also I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to bail her out of jail one of these days). Say what you will about her politics, but I'm proud of her passion for peace and it's certainly carried over to her sons. She and Dad called me this week from the California Democratic Convention and they were both sure that whomever the Democratic party picked to run would make a great step in the direction of peace. On the fourth anniversary of the war she wrote…