Wubbzy vs. Studio 60

It's been far too long since we checked in with my oldest son, Drew (ed. I should make it clear I check in almost daily). This new podcast shows his distaste for adult drama and a brief update on his thoughts on eating chicken. Enjoy!

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PS: For all you parents in the crowd, while looking for a picture of Wubbzy, I found out almost all the episodes are available in Video podcast form!


  1. Great to hear a little voice during the work day.

    You might enjoy laid off dad's post today.


  2. Since when did asking a four-year-old "can I put this on my website?" constitute a reasonable amount of permission? The kid doesn't even know the phrase "legal representation", though apparently he knows the phrase "Anyway, you were saying?"

    Listening to you laugh is the best part.


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