New house

Wherein I talk about our in-town move, neighbors who lock down their wifi, talk smack about videopodcasting, and later regret not having a script, zooming out a little more, or getting a little more sleep the night before. Enjoy!
ps: There is a good chance that I won't have any internet access next week. Better add me as a friend on Twitter, if you want to keep up next week. ;)


  1. Love your new house. At least the blue wall. No worries on the closeup, it's just like being there.

  2. Funny. That's a white wall with the brightness and contrast turned up a little in MPEG Streamclip. See, almost zero post-production.

  3. nice going, i really enjoyed my stay at your site, thanx. lol.

  4. how do people put avatar here- in blog comments???

  5. Hey Jason
    Thought I would get to see some pics of the new place if I checked your site ...guess not. LOL
    Post them ... and keep us posted
    we are still bummed about Santa Cruz.. Myles would have made an excellent grommit and Drew a marine biologist , oh well - stick with P-town - See you soon Cindy & Ty

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. That wall IS blue! Isn't it? Someone tell me it's blue! Right? Hello?

    Dangit. *rifles around for asylum phone number again*


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