LA, Monterey, Las Vegas, Austin...

I've been on the move lately. Last week, I was in Los Angeles visiting the Google office. While I was there I dropped by and talked to Jason Calacanis about Blogger, Google, Twitter and more. Last night, I attended the Google speakers dinner for the TED conference at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As in years past, I was blown away by the attendee list. This year I met Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Forest Whitaker, and Tracy Chapman. I also had a chance to meet or reconnect with a host of awesome tech and environmental superstars like Pierre Omidyar, Kate Stohr, and Andrew Beebe. Aside from restraining my friend Hunter from making any embarrassing 'I'm bringing sushi back' comments to Cameron Diaz, the night went very well.

Tomorrow I'm off to the PMA show in Las Vegas, back for a day then onward to South by Southwest. Stay tuned to the Blogger Buzz blog for Blogger SXSW Austin party details. Right now, I'm about to talk to 50 French businessmen about innovation at Google! Maybe I am the new Chris Sacca? I just hope the old Sacca doesn't mind. ;)


  1. two references to my magnificent wit in the same shellen post? muy bien!

  2. safe travels, Jason, safe travels!


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