Funny, but it stings a little

Ev has a post up about branding that I like. He calls it pretty well, but sometimes inside the company it's a little more painful when you were pulling for a sub-brand or standalone and end up with 'parent with descriptive name'. My internal joke on that has been, if Google made an MP3 player we would call it the 'Google Hardware Music Player', which is perhaps a little less catchy than iPod. It's hard to pull off the cool names and I think sometimes it feels like Google wants the technology to do the talking rather than the name. That's not the worst thing in the world when you are Google Maps, but is definitely harder when you are in new uncharted territory such as search personalization or social media.


  1. I agree. I like to call my project device the gPhone, but I fear it would be named something like the Google WiMax-enabled Personal Communications Device or something. Sometimes you need a snappy name to increase the marketability of a product, even though the latter is technically more descriptive.

    I don't think everything needs to be perfectly, technically accurate, just the technical stuff does. (Like product names vs. product functionality) Rell them in with the human-friendly name, then dazzle 'em with the features.


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