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New house

Wherein I talk about our in-town move, neighbors who lock down their wifi, talk smack about videopodcasting, and later regret not having a script, zooming out a little more, or getting a little more sleep the night before. Enjoy!
ps: There is a good chance that I won't have any internet access next week. Better add me as a friend on Twitter, if you want to keep up next week. ;)

Funny, but it stings a little

Ev has a post up about branding that I like. He calls it pretty well, but sometimes inside the company it's a little more painful when you were pulling for a sub-brand or standalone and end up with 'parent with descriptive name'. My internal joke on that has been, if Google made an MP3 player we would call it the 'Google Hardware Music Player', which is perhaps a little less catchy than iPod. It's hard to pull off the cool names and I think sometimes it feels like Google wants the technology to do the talking rather than the name. That's not the worst thing in the world when you are Google Maps, but is definitely harder when you are in new uncharted territory such as search personalization or social media.

SXSW Blogger party update

"This is Blogger. And we party with scarves on."Please read the fine print: You have to find a member of the Blogger team beforehand in Austin. Asking now won't help, my invites are in Austin too. See you there.Track this event on

LA, Monterey, Las Vegas, Austin...

I've been on the move lately. Last week, I was in Los Angeles visiting the Google office. While I was there I dropped by and talked to Jason Calacanis about Blogger, Google, Twitter and more. Last night, I attended the Google speakers dinner for the TED conference at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As in years past, I was blown away by the attendee list. This year I met Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Forest Whitaker, and Tracy Chapman. I also had a chance to meet or reconnect with a host of awesome tech and environmental superstars like Pierre Omidyar, Kate Stohr, and Andrew Beebe. Aside from restraining my friend Hunter from making any embarrassing 'I'm bringing sushi back' comments to Cameron Diaz, the night went very well.Tomorrow I'm off to the PMA show in Las Vegas, back for a day then onward to South by Southwest. Stay tuned to the Blogger Buzz blog for Blogger SXSW Austin party details. Right now, I'm about to talk to 50 French businessmen about innovation at Googl…

Wubbzy vs. Studio 60

It's been far too long since we checked in with my oldest son, Drew (ed. I should make it clear I check in almost daily). This new podcast shows his distaste for adult drama and a brief update on his thoughts on eating chicken. Enjoy!
powered by ODEOPS: For all you parents in the crowd, while looking for a picture of Wubbzy, I found out almost all the episodes are available in Video podcast form!

Microsoft takes aim at Google project - Yahoo! News

In other news, Microsoft pointed out that the little girl on the corner selling lemonade is not adhering to home owners association rules about signage on lawns.