The easiest way to avoid posting to your blog...

Is to convince yourself that your next post should be an audio/video slideshow with narration, that way nothing will get accomplished and it will be a major blogjam for other posts. On the other hand, I could also convince myself that I don't need to do that at all.

PS: Perhaps I missed it but are there any such web apps that allow you to do this easily?


  1. Thanks for the suggestion Randy but the Bubbleshare embedded player for blogs doesn't allow for audio playback. It would also be nice if Bubbleshare could accept video too. Still hunting...

  2. I tried and liked Netscribe

    I used the video I had of my friend Vincenzo to make Where's Vincenzo (with Moviemaker).

    Yes the plan is to create video posts on and feed them to the SEJ.

    Yes, I spent a few days working on the video post and then realized it was backing up other posts so put it aside to catch up.


    Space Elevator Journal


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