Tofu Redux

If things look weird on this site it's because I just switched my blog over to using the new (and excellent) Blogger beta. In testing it out I went through some older posts like my Tofu Rant and made some tweaks. It's one of the oldest posts on this blog and it's originally from July 31, 2000 (over six and a half years ago) - however, some aggregators have picked it up as new, resulting in new comments, confusing re-syndication, and a general feeling of un-ease on my part since I haven't looked at that post in ages. I was just getting comfortable with a blog writing style back then. I always tell people that I started my blog for five friends from back home and the tone has changed over the course of the years as a few more people have started reading my humble little site. Funny thing about blogs, they tell you more about yourself the longer you keep them going.

A side note, if I could find contact information anywhere over at Googlersblogs, I would tell them a few things:

  • I don't mind folks aggregating my posts, especially if it's a non-profit site. However, don't change the default linking behavior. At least make the headlines link back to the source site. Bloglines and Google Reader do the right thing here.
  • You have many non-Googlers listed as Googlers. That's a little odd.
  • Login to post comments? Why not just pull in comment feeds and link to the post for further commenting.
  • If you ever add advertising to your site and you are still syndicating full posts, I want out or a fair way to participate in the revenue.
  • Please add contact info for yourself. It's generally creepy to have someone how is so interested in the lives of Googlers stay in the shadows.


  1. yeah, I unsubscribed from those guys when I saw he "source" linking behavior... shady...

    On another note, it was cool to see a bunch of oldies in the RSS reader, interesting! I went back and looked at some of my old ones, how embarrassing! :-)

  2. I don't know about all this fancy technology talk but I like tofu too.


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