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Health: 78

I'm thinking of adding a Duke Nukem 3D style rating to this side of this blog rather than give these update posts wherein I tell you I'm over pneumonia but have somehow contracted a painful ear infection and now I'm back on antibiotics. See... I think the number thing would be better.

Good Charlotte about to take the stage @ Google.


In the bag: Jack Spade Canvas Tech Field Bag

I read about this action packed bag in GQ (I think). I decided that carrying a backpack over the shoulder of my sport coat was a little... shall we say collegiate. Black goes with everything, but it's also available in chocolate, navy, red, khaki, kelly green, tank and orange.Before you holler at me for reading GQ, they replaced my beloved Cargo Mag subscription with this when Cargo went away earlier this year and it's not too horrible.

Three things

I'm recovering nicely from pneumonia. No more wheezing, not as tired, and in fact...I'm well enough to be in NYC right now. Which means great shopping, which brings us to... I've decided I really like Dack's blog-shopping style of showing the things he thinks are cool enough to buy. I'm asked on my opinion of a wide array of things and this is an easy enough topic for me to blog about. Dack usually denotes his shopping posts with 'In the Bag'. Look for, "In the Bag" recommendations from me soon.

Philanthropy Google’s Way: Not the Usual

More on this later...

Free-style walking pneumonia

I recently reviewed a bunch of my old posts and primarily it turns out that this blog is about tracking my personal health and if you are lucky a product announcement every so often.In the absence of more juicy information on a secret new Google application and in the grand tradition of shellen dot com: the medical blog, I must disclose that I have walking pneumonia. For those of you who I work with or hung out with last week at the August Annual don't worry it's not catchy. How did I get pneumonia? I had a cold that turned into a respiratory infection (back in JULY!), then I took antibiotics (apparently not strong enough) paired up with not enough rest and it lingered around turning into some weird looking white spots in my chest (from the creepy looking X-ray I saw last Friday). It's called walking pneumonia because people generally go about their business not knowing they have symptoms until, as in my case, I noticed a rattle in my chest. Though free-style walking pneum…

At least it's not Laguna Beach

Not that I watch much reality TV, but I thought I should check with ya'll to see if you think the jackass coach on MTV's Two a Days learned all he needed to know about coaching from watching Jon Voight's performance in Varsity Blues too. Right?

New TSA Regulations for helper monkeys

'Only the handler will touch or interact with the monkey.'