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Pro anti

Turns out that tired, weak feeling coupled with a horrible cough I've been experiencing is actually an upper respiratory infection and not just exhaustion from being at Disneyland on the hottest day of the summer. As of this evening, I am in possession of some antibiotics and cough syrup and should be on the road to recovery soon (don't worry co-workers it's not contagious). Now I'm logging off the series of tubes and going to bed early. See you on the other side.

Hellodeo from sunny California

Yep, I need a nap. Made with the newly launched Hellodeo and my little BlackBook.

Siren Bath on Drawball

Imagine a view of the Mona Lisa being painted but in Adobe Illustrator one layer at a time. Amazing site.

Roast pig guest-stars on Bush visit to Germany

What North Korean missle crisis? There's BBQ afoot!

All a twttr

Sometime last week my palsover at Odeo let me know about a little side project they were working on - twttr(say 'twitter'). Aside from the fact that the hooligans over there are making a Web 2.0 funny by starting a web service with no vowels and ending in a Flickr-style 'r' - it's a mobile way to keep in touch with a group of friends. Biz Stone has a good write-up about the service and I expect fans of Dodgeball to find it just as compelling though in a slightly different way.In the week that I've been using it I have been receiving about 5 times the SMS traffic I would get in a normal week. Basically, when you SMS twttr's shortcode (40404) whatever you send is broadcast to your friends. It's a lot like reading a push mini-blog. I like that I feel more in touch knowing what my friends are up to even if I don't call or IM with them directly in the course of a week. I don't think I will accept everyone I know as a contact since I don't want my…

Adam Carolla hangs up on Ann Coulter

What millions would like the chance to do. That must have felt really, really good.

CrossOver Mac

Run Windows-native applications on Mac OSX without Bootcamp or Parallels. Crazy.