In danger of failing

I just took a peek at all of the unfinished draft blog posts for the past two months. It's getting out of hand. It turns out I'm good a starting posts and horrible at finishing them. I think I would give myself a D+ for blogging over the past year. Perhaps I'm a little to worried about the audience viewing posts these days. Seems like I didn't have this problem when I started the blog in 2000 to keep in touch with buddies scattered across the country. To investigate.


  1. I'm *so* feeling you on that... I don't even want to put anything remotely debatable on my public blog anymore. Hell, I get flames for stuff I put on my private Vox blog if I don't mark it as friends-only.

    Let alone the fact that we could say "brussels sprouts are gross" and you'd get a CNET story saying "Google exec slams vegetables" and I'd get "Six Apart against vegetables -- does this mean they're flipping to Yahoo?"

    Dear Internet: Thanks for sucking the fun out of this! :)


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