Five YouTube videos I would like to see

In no particular order:
  1. Two non-white persons doing the Mentos and Diet Pepsi thing
  2. A dramatic reading of the lyrics to Lindsay Lohan's Rumors
  3. A webcam video where the girl is of legal age, not wearing skimpy clothing and makes no reference to her audience, her blog/cam fame, or enemies. Bonus points if she is talking about current events or maritime law.
  4. A video of a monkey being treated with any dignity whatsoever
  5. Video of a man and son playing with a baseball bat where the father doesn't get hit in the groin
Let's see how this video edition of the LazyWeb goes.


  1. Can't help with the rest, but here's two "non-white" people for the mentos/coke whatchamahoozit

    via YouTube

  2. Excellent find. Now let's get cracking on the other four.


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