Just call me JSON Shellen

Tonight we launched a cool way to share what you read in Google Reader (I posted on the Reader blog about it). One of the cooler things that can be done is to share the stuff you like to read right on your blog as a "clip". For the techies in the crowd this is done with a little JSON code. Here's a sample of all of the web comics and cartoon blogs I read (I thought I would showcase the Pink/HelloKitty style to grab your attention).

Luckily, you don't need to know how to program to use this feature, just how to copy and paste this into any blogging template. Ok, maybe I'll post more about the sharing feature tomorrow, I'm off to bed. Meanwhile, if you want to read something other than my favorite comics, you can also preview my tech list or my starred items.


  1. Hmm, I think my eyes are going to pop out if I was trying to read that "Hello Kitty" style on a web page...you couldn't increase the contrast could you?

  2. There are many styles to choose from and even a 'none' style. In fact if you check out my right hand sidebar I've used 'none' with a little CSS to power Linkblog section.

  3. I figured as much, but I know someone out there is going to use this one...

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  5. Hi Jason,

    Are there any plans to offer a feed combiner in Google Reader (like those listed here http://allrss.com/rssremixers.html)?

    Also, the ability to sort the feeds displayed in the JavaScript window by date (i.e., newest on top) would be great too.




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