So then I was saying to Jo from Melrose Place...

Daphne Zuniga - actressThree people I shook hands with and made polite conversation with the other night at the pre-TED dinner sponsored by Google in Monterey.
  • Al Gore - He politely pretended to remember me from our last meeting. Thanks Al.
  • Peter Gabriel - I told him that the only CDs my college roomies ever forgot to return were Lenny Kravitz and Peter Gabriel CDs. He said he felt honored to be in such good company.
  • Daphne Zuniga - I caught about 10 minutes of The Sure Thing again last weekend making for a very surreal conversation when making her acquaintance 2 days later.
People I merely rubbed elbows with:
  • Dean 'Segway' Kaman
  • Charles Kaufmann
  • John Doer
  • Tipper Gore
That's not even counting old chums like James Hong, Mena Trott, Andrew Anker, Mark Pinkus and all my Google pals. It was a fun night and the first time I've had an oyster shooter. Which by the way, is the recommended way to draw enough courage to bullshit with Peter Gabriel about how much you enjoyed Us.


  1. Very nice.

    among many great lines in the sure thing, my favorite is "spontaneity has its time and place"

  2. I also saw 'The Sure Thing' the other week. We need to get out more...

  3. What's in an oyster shooter? Alcohol with an oyster or raw oyster????

  4. Yes, Glen. The way these were served was on the half shell, then they poured Grey Goose vodka in and added a twist of lemon. It's a little hard to get the oyster out of the half shell while you are trying to down the shot but doable. In looking at some recipes around the web, it turns some call for cocktail sauce as well - which sounds a little gross.

  5. Thats some photo alright


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