I *so* didn't listen to that

Installing the Audioscrobbler plug-in to iTunes will start streaming the songs you listen to Last.fm for storage. It's great because you can get recommendations on similar artists, find out what your listening pattern is like, or share your listening habits with the world on your blog, etc. You may have noticed that when I redesigned this blog recently, that I started incorporating my playlist from Last.fm over there in the sidebar.

However, there are a few flaws. One of them can only be described as the 'walk away from your computer and forget that iTunes is running and all of the music your wife listens to gets reported as yours' bug. I'm not objecting to the Clarkson tune that all indie kids are required to produce pre-SXSW 2005 iTunes receipts to justify - no, it's mostly the Simpson and full album Clarkson stuff I object to as being reported as my musical taste. C'mon guys how about a pause button or a blacklist or something? Especially for users of the service who know that Mom is going to be reading their blog and don't want to field questions when a mash-up like 'Hump My Tunnel' comes on. Yikes.

Another thing, it's good that I have Since You've Been Gone and Since U Been Gone. Only true music lovers can tell the subtle differences in each.


  1. Riiiight Jason...
    You mean like the time you came to pick me up for work (in your car by yourself) and were blasting Ashlee Simpson? I'm sure Allison had nothing to do with that...but you never know. ;)

  2. Jason is a TOTAL closet Kelly fan...I will not accept blame for this one. Also I have my own ipod and it is filled with songs from my own favorite The Get Up Kids. Just wanted to clear that up! xo

  3. I knew I was going to get the smackdown for blaming Allie. :(

  4. It's that ashlee simpson song in the middle that really shook my faith in you. The clarkson stuff, ok - maybe you're just one of those american idol freaks - but simpson? *sigh*

  5. Music? Over the Internet? Now I've heard everything.

  6. So true. Now, I (of course) have no blog as of yet -- being the consummate lurker -- but I'm still trying to kick The Wiggles off of the top of my playlist on Last FM. Damn embarassing, that.


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