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Geeking out on vacation

I'm a huge nerd, which is a surprise to no one reading this post. I'm on vacation right now but wrapping up a little work that I didn't get around to finishing before I left. It just so happens that our rental on Maui happens to have a free in room wifi connection. I'm going to have to throw my PowerBook power adapter in the ocean or something so I can forget about the web for a bit.While I'm here I'm trying out a phone that Sprint sent me as part of their Sprint Ambassador program. I'm not sure how or why I was picked to be an Ambassador but the duties include using one of their cool Power Vision phones with a wicked fast EVDO connection for free for 6-months. I accept and it's cool and all but I still really like my Treo 650, mainly because of the thumb board. Nothing beats a thumb board for quick SMS and url entry. Just last night as I was trying to send this picture to Flickr from the Power Vison phone (a Samsung A920) I wrestled with the subject li…

His MySpace odyssey

The movie is pretty funny too, you can find it on YouTube by searching for MySpace.

So then I was saying to Jo from Melrose Place...

Three people I shook hands with and made polite conversation with the other night at the pre-TED dinner sponsored by Google in Monterey. Al Gore - He politely pretended to remember me from our last meeting. Thanks Al.Peter Gabriel - I told him that the only CDs my college roomies ever forgot to return were Lenny Kravitz and Peter Gabriel CDs. He said he felt honored to be in such good company.Daphne Zuniga - I caught about 10 minutes of The Sure Thing again last weekend making for a very surreal conversation when making her acquaintance 2 days later. People I merely rubbed elbows with: Dean 'Segway' KamanCharles KaufmannJohn DoerTipper Gore That's not even counting old chums like James Hong, Mena Trott, Andrew Anker, Mark Pinkus and all my Google pals. It was a fun night and the first time I've had an oyster shooter. Which by the way, is the recommended way to draw enough courage to bullshit with Peter Gabriel about how much you enjoyed Us.

Official Google Blog: Here comes Measure Map

Google picks up Measure Map plus co-creator Jeff Veen and crew. Glad to have the deal all sewn up.

Threadless T-Shirts - Lost A Wheel

When you are reprinted in Large - Lost a Wheel - you will be mine.

Blogs by Olympics participants to be banned

I hope they can just keep journals, diaries, wikis, personal homepages, lists of links and MySpaces instead.

Fair & (Un)Balanced

Fox shows how Bush thwarted attack by aliens...or something.

Woot : Random Crap

Best. Woot. Ever.

Mavericks is on

Annual contest is on tommorrow

I *so* didn't listen to that

Installing the Audioscrobbler plug-in to iTunes will start streaming the songs you listen to for storage. It's great because you can get recommendations on similar artists, find out what your listening pattern is like, or share your listening habits with the world on your blog, etc. You may have noticed that when I redesigned this blog recently, that I started incorporating my playlist from over there in the sidebar.However, there are a few flaws. One of them can only be described as the 'walk away from your computer and forget that iTunes is running and all of the music your wife listens to gets reported as yours' bug. I'm not objecting to the Clarkson tune that all indie kids are required to produce pre-SXSW 2005 iTunes receipts to justify - no, it's mostly the Simpson and full album Clarkson stuff I object to as being reported as my musical taste. C'mon guys how about a pause button or a blacklist or something? Especially for users of the ser…