New template and Syndicate

If you are reading this via feed, then you probably haven't noticed that the layout of shellen dot com has changed. Well... it has. It's more like a half-over rather than a make-over. I'm already sorry I started tweaking it since I made all the On the Side links look as if they are navigation now. If you are viewing the site in IE, the link log still doesn't show up. There are a plethora of issues but since most folks are probably reading this in a reader these days, it probably doesn't matter. Bleh. Apologies to Doug Bowman since I took his Rounders and turned it into Boxers. You can use it as you please on your own site, but I recommend copying the background image to your own site.

Speaking of feeds, I am speaking at the Syndicate conference this week. I'm on a panel called Winning the Trust Battle with Customers on Wednesday afternoon. Perhaps I'll see you there.

I have a bunch of posts queued up for this week so perhaps I'll get back in the swing of things just in time for a long holiday break. :)


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