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On vacation until January 3rd

I know there is a conversation I want to be participating in elsewhere on the web right now, but I'm forcing myself to stay on vacation. I currently have a 3-year old tapping on my shoulder reminding me of my vacation duties. Perhaps you can use this as a placeholder post to link to so I can read all the backlinks when I'm back on the job.Happy New Google Reader API Year!

Merry Christmas from Jason, Drew, Miles and Allison

We've had a heck of a month. Drew and Miles were both diagnosed with pneumonia and they are both finally getting back to normal just now. Goodbye fevers, medicine and coughs. Hello Santa, candy canes and carols. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Biker Dancing Silly - Google Video

In full racing leathers dancing to My Humps. Merry Christmas.

Santa Blogger

Santa Blogger
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Nice work gents.

AvantGo for RSS

Seems a little clunky but perhaps worth a try if you already use AvantGo.

Google Hiring Mac Engineers

Mac it up at Google!

Joe Nacchio, does indictment feel worse than being fact-checked?

One of my posts noted Nacchio’s whining, observing that he’d gotten seriously richer while his company was losing much of its market value—another example of CEOs raking in the riches while shareholders, employees, and communities got the shaft. Seconds later I received an email from Buzz Bruggeman, a lawyer in Florida, who was following my weblog and Searls’s from his office in Orlando. "Ain't America great?" Bruggeman wrote sarcastically, attaching a hyperlink to a Yahoo! Finance web page showing that Nacchio had cashed in more than $200 million in stock while his company’s stock price was heading downhill. This information struck me as relevant to what I was writing, and I immediately dropped this juicy tidbit into my weblog, with a cyber-tip of the hat to Bruggeman. ("Thanks, Buzz, for the link," I wrote parenthetically.) Doc Searls did likewise. "Around that point, the audience turned hostile," wrote Esther Dyson [more...]from the intro of We th…


Sneaky magazine photoshop-fu revealed

Why should text have all the fun?

We added a photo template feature to Google Reader for photo feeds.

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

Like Hoodwink'd or Third Voice but hopefully more pervasive.

Eric Schmidt's Public Speaking Class

I believe he was 33 at the time.

Planning ahead for Macworld SF 5th Annual blogger lunch and schmoozefest

I took over organizing the Macworld SF bloggers lunch after Mr. Barrett stopped making the trek out four years ago. That means that we are looking at the fifth year of the annual lunch and should probably have our act together this year and plan way ahead so we can monetize world-class web-readiness or something. In any case, the lunch will be on January 10, 2006 at a time and meeting place to be decided shortly depending on interest (feel free to use the comments here to hash it out if you like). You don't need to be attending the conference to come out to lunch, but if you would like to go to the show too you can grab a free Macworld Expo Pass from the generous folks at Other World Computing. You can even register online. The nicest thing about this lunch - low formality and purpose, high on chocolate chip cookies and goofing off. I encourage you to let me know if you are planning on attending and spread the word. Last year we had a great time and I expect this year to be even b…

Google Homepage API

Stick that in your deal, or build a new one.

The offical credit industry site to remove yourself from the credit card/junk mail offer list - permanently.

New template and Syndicate

If you are reading this via feed, then you probably haven't noticed that the layout of shellen dot com has changed. Well... it has. It's more like a half-over rather than a make-over. I'm already sorry I started tweaking it since I made all the On the Side links look as if they are navigation now. If you are viewing the site in IE, the link log still doesn't show up. There are a plethora of issues but since most folks are probably reading this in a reader these days, it probably doesn't matter. Bleh. Apologies to Doug Bowman since I took his Rounders and turned it into Boxers. You can use it as you please on your own site, but I recommend copying the background image to your own site.Speaking of feeds, I am speaking at the Syndicate conference this week. I'm on a panel called Winning the Trust Battle with Customers on Wednesday afternoon. Perhaps I'll see you there.I have a bunch of posts queued up for this week so perhaps I'll get back in the swing of…

Course in culture jamming at SMC

I have a new sense of pride for my alma mater. Go culture jamming Gaels!

Microsoft Thanks Google for IE Fix

Mena's speech on civility has network effects.

Pleasanton fairgrounds to be Iraqi election polling place

I hope the elections in my town go a lot smoother than say the polls in Faluja.

San Fransocial

'So you show up somewhere where there are other people you're going to "meet" and when you arrive, out come the laptops.' That's not always true, some of us order a drink before bringing out the laptop.

Clark Foam forced to close doors

This will severely impact the ability for new surfboards to be made in the US.

The RSStroom Reader, Feeds On Your Toilet Paper

There is a river of news joke to be had here.

Donate a Computer to Computer Recycling Center

A good place to drop off your old computer in the Bay Area. If you are out of area and still want to donate a laptop they will reimburse you for ground shipping.

Consumating is now part of CNET Networks

Congrats to Ben Brown and crew. However, CNET watch out he has a propensity for putting his 'DNA' on servers.

Saab Performance Team

The only ballet I love is auto ballet. [via AutoBlog]

Happy Jingle Santa

Drew must be feeling better

Upon my return home from work, Allison reported that the quote of the day at the Shellen Manor was uttered by Drew.No Mommy! Snowmen don't have legs, they have balls!He's 3 1/2 so, ya know - please no hate mail. When he's older I'll have to explain that lady snow people probably have snowvum.