Recommend Firefox to IE visitors to your site

If you haven't seen ExplorerDestroyer yet, it's a site that offers some fancy ways to either encourage, push or insist that visitors to your site download Firefox. The code will not display a promo if you are already one of the Firefox enlightened and it's a good idea but perhaps a little heavier than I wanted for my own blog. Not to mention a bit violent sounding for people like me who just want to advocate a faster web experience.

If you are viewing this site in IE then you see the advert on the right urging you to give Firefox a whirl. I used a conditional comment called If IE to only display a Firefox enhanced with Google Toolbar promo box by pasting the below code into my blog template. Feel free to copy to your own blog. You may want to change the Adsense ad client id to your own (if you have one) so you get credited with the $1 bounty currently paid for helping folks switch over to Firefox. Enjoy.

<!--[if IE]>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-2004576835187517";
google_ad_width = 125;
google_ad_height = 125;
google_ad_format = "125x125_as_rimg";
google_cpa_choice = "CAAQweaZzgEaCA2ZyYC_NXeAKK2293M";
<script type="text/javascript" src="">


  1. It sounds like a great idea, but your template seems to have some issues. I'm using IE6 (well not usually, but for testing your script) and your entire menu (link blog, navigation, etc.) is placed below the actual blog contents.

    Otherwise thanks for sharing the script, I'll go ahead and give it a try.

  2. So I gave it a try and it didn't work. When looking at my adsense account page I do not have the "Firefox" option in the "Referral" section. Is this a limited option or is it an error that I do not have the option?

  3. Thomas - I think that has more to do with the way I pasted the block of code in to my blog. The code is in a <pre> tag so it breaks my divs. Never fear, it's not the code itself - use with wild abandon.

    RE: The Firefox option, it should be one of the tabs in referrals - that said it could be a limited thing. Or perhaps only shows for people visiting in FF. ????

  4. Jason, I *think* (but am not sure) that the FF referral option is only available to people residing in the U.S., which might explain why not everyone's seeing it in their AdSense account.

  5. Jason, you would probably like to know, that Microsoft’s Chief Blogger Robert Scoble noticed your post (well, my comment on it actually) and criticized the [if IE] sites a lot.
    A few hours later, he deleted own post.

    Can we have your comments on the anti-Google post? There are things worth consideration

  6. I'm running out the door so I'll make this brief. Sounds like my man Robert Scoble misunderstood my post and then thought better of it. For further clarity, looks like Damien Mulley voiced some of my thoughts exactly, exept now I don't think there is much of a story here. I provide an easy way for you to promote Firefox (not breaking anything) to your IE visitors. That's all for now.

  7. why promote firefox only to ie visitors, and not promote it to users that have css2 unaware browser, using :firs-child selector. example here:

  8. I was going to puost a link to the Smack's idea and noticed, that he duplicated it here also :)

    Generally I would say that promoting Firefox to non-Firefox users sounds better (and more fair), than promoting it to IE users only

  9. I don't have anything against another approach, except to say that for folks who choose to use a browser other than IE generally requires a conscious choice. I would be surprised if people who use Opera or Mozilla were somehow unaware of Firefox. IE users largely start with the browser they begin with and don't even think about switching - offering a choice to those folks is of most importance.


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