Happy Thanksgiving and now a word from our sponsor...

I remember a few years ago around Christmas or during the Superbowl when a url was presented under a TV ad, almost beaming with pride that someone was using the internet as a way to publish and get the word out about their product. Today as I sit watching some Turkey day television most advertisements have some web component. I have collected for your browsing pleasure five such sites pulled from their cathode ray tube endorsements. I almost feel bad for Tim Berners-Lee. On with the show:
  • Itsagizmo.com a Black and Decker mini-site promoting can-openers and whatnot.
  • Musicspace.com the best place to pick up that Brian Setzer X-Mas CD you've been longing for.
  • Bowflexdirect.com c'mon you lazy lump buy a Bowflex to put next to your Ab machine.
  • Spacebag.com for people who like their clothes vacuum pack fresh.
  • Selectcomfort.com for people who buy beds based on the Bionic Woman's recommendation
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everyone!


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