Consider yourself spared

Jeff Veen throws down the gauntlet today asking, What's in your Folder of Shame? What's a Folder of Shame?

The things where you've just thought of the title, but written nothing to back it up? The momentary points of self-deluded genius that in the cold light of day you thought better of?

Taking a peek into my Blogger drafts tab here is a selection of recent posts that never cut the mustard:

  • Captcha the flag
  • A joke post about Jakob Nielsen being upset about my blog
  • Roboween
  • Well that didn't work
  • Generic news round-up blog posting #1 liberal edition
  • Email attachments 99% bad
  • His name is Linux
  • What did you expect?
  • Emilio's Mexican Cafe
  • Speaking of Carnival and Lent
I feel bad for some of those posts, such promise, cut down in their prime. Except that one about Nielsen, that one was going to be stupid.


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