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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Antibiotics!

I thought I should mention that Drew, Miles and I are all sick at home. Poor Allison is going to run screaming from the house at any moment as we are all getting cabin fever on top of our normal fevers. Anyway, I really want to get back to intelligent debate over feed stat reporting, OPML standards and whatnot - but that will need to wait until I'm not sleeping for the majority of the day. Be back soon. Achooo!

Happy Thanksgiving and now a word from our sponsor...

I remember a few years ago around Christmas or during the Superbowl when a url was presented under a TV ad, almost beaming with pride that someone was using the internet as a way to publish and get the word out about their product. Today as I sit watching some Turkey day television most advertisements have some web component. I have collected for your browsing pleasure five such sites pulled from their cathode ray tube endorsements. I almost feel bad for Tim Berners-Lee. On with the show: a Black and Decker mini-site promoting can-openers and the best place to pick up that Brian Setzer X-Mas CD you've been longing c'mon you lazy lump buy a Bowflex to put next to your Ab for people who like their clothes vacuum pack for people who buy beds based on the Bionic Woman's recommendation Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everyone!

Add to Google button

Your site needs a new chicklet.

Where's your Google?

Wherein, Google = web

Leia's Metal Bikini

It's a shame Jabba isn't alive to see this. [via Cinematical]

Recommend Firefox to IE visitors to your site

If you haven't seen ExplorerDestroyer yet, it's a site that offers some fancy ways to either encourage, push or insist that visitors to your site download Firefox. The code will not display a promo if you are already one of the Firefox enlightened and it's a good idea but perhaps a little heavier than I wanted for my own blog. Not to mention a bit violent sounding for people like me who just want to advocate a faster web experience.If you are viewing this site in IE then you see the advert on the right urging you to give Firefox a whirl. I used a conditional comment called If IE to only display a Firefox enhanced with Google Toolbar promo box by pasting the below code into my blog template. Feel free to copy to your own blog. You may want to change the Adsense ad client id to your own (if you have one) so you get credited with the $1 bounty currently paid for helping folks switch over to Firefox. Enjoy. <!--[if IE]> <!-- <script type="text/javascript"…

Driver injured by flying deer when he stops car

Driver thought he had struck an animal, was bowled over and injured by the flying body of a deer hit by another vehicle!

Consider yourself spared

Jeff Veen throws down the gauntlet today asking, What's in your Folder of Shame? What's a Folder of Shame? The things where you've just thought of the title, but written nothing to back it up? The momentary points of self-deluded genius that in the cold light of day you thought better of?Taking a peek into my Blogger drafts tab here is a selection of recent posts that never cut the mustard:Captcha the flagA joke post about Jakob Nielsen being upset about my blogRoboweenWell that didn't workGeneric news round-up blog posting #1 liberal editionEmail attachments 99% badHis name is LinuxWhat did you expect?Emilio's Mexican CafeSpeaking of Carnival and Lent I feel bad for some of those posts, such promise, cut down in their prime. Except that one about Nielsen, that one was going to be stupid.

Treo 650 Cingular unlock?

Is unlocking a Cingular Treo really this easy?

Web Two Point Oh!

Create your own Web 2.0 Company. Nice - my next venture will be Inftix, tag-based micropayments via flash!

DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts

Long story short, CD crippling isn't the answer, especially when the question isn't clear. I've yet to be convinced that any DRM is good DRM.