Our project launched

I've been telling friends for a little while that I haven't really been full time on Blogger for a while, that I am going full bore on something new we dreamt up. Finally, our project launched today and I can't believe I'm still awake - so tired. I'm going to bed now but I thought a quick chronology of today was in order:
  • Announced Google Reader now on Labs at Web 2.0
  • Slashdot, Metafilter and everyone and their brother visited and tried to upload all their subscriptions
  • Servers became not happy (one bad seed I suspect!)
  • Servers became happy shortly thereafter
  • Lots of blog posts complain that the service is slow but it's BETTER. We swear!
  • Lots of folks say nice things about it Reader in general
  • Problem with some OPML imports reported
  • Fix patched in to address issue
  • Keep making it better for the foreseeable future
What can I say, we are flattered at the turn out. Big shout out to the engineers on the Reader team. It's been a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Can't wait to continue! More on Reader soon, must sleep.


  1. Now just make it so we don't have all our recently updated feeds stuck together, and a "mark all as read" command and it will be much better.

    In fact, the more you make it like Bloglines, the better. I'm dying for a reason to switch from there, and this seems like the one with the most potential.

  2. And it also would be nice if you follow the google main roole. Keep it simply, better, faster. And now, compared to bloglines, your reader isn't neither of this. It's some bloated, and of course it not faster, and I don't mean of server speed but use speed. You have to click or push several keys to meet one concrete feed. You don't have a read all (full or a single label) so with my feeds that are not a crazy list (only 30) it's quite hard to read one by one.

    The interface visually is nice, we're pleased with gmail so copy it is a good idea, but as gmail is a very fast and simple mail client, reader isn't and look a little like bloatware.

    With all of this, I see a lot of potencial so I hope you rethink this kind of things.

    PS. And also, that's google, where's the search INSIDE my list of feeds?

  3. Overall, I'm happy with the Google Reader because of it's potential, not because of where it currently stands now.

    It really seems to have confusing application flow, something I wish would be improved upon quickly.

    I wrote a quick critique and a very short list of features I'd like to see incorporated to make it a more usable product:


    At the very least, though, it seems that most of the bugs have been squashed over the last couple of days, and the speed seems improved(thankfully!).

  4. Beautiful stuff! Congratulations.

    Just replaced Bloglines for me :-)

    The integration with GMail and Blogger is nice. Now if only I could login to Blogger with my Google account!

  5. What i need google reader to do is to allow me read all in one view the post for an entire tag, or an entire feed. So i dont have to keep pushing "j" and "k".
    Thats why bloglines is still better than google reader.

  6. Sophisticated system!
    I can blog someone's posting from Google Feed Reader as well as emailing it.

  7. this is very nice, everybody is happy about google reader...


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