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My Son in Iraq: I Know That it Happened Because I Heard It

What the hell are we doing in Iraq? I'm calling my congressperson now - I suggest you do the same.

The Morning Drive

Grant and I have been commuting in to work together and have decided to inflict audio pain on our friends and readers in the form of a podcast. Enticing, no? Let us know what you think about The Morning Drive. Of course you can listen to this via Odeo, iTunes or even Google Reader.

Close the laptop to beat the drum

CW from the Reader team is doing rock star stuff instead of work this evening. What a life!

Canon PowerShot SD430 WIRELESS

Canon's first consumer wifi digicam. Send photos to Flickr even faster! [via Engadget]

Wicked Awesome Monkys YEAH!!!!!!

Video made of the sample clips out of Windows Movie Maker. Watch your back!

Cassette Jam '05

If you are what you eat, then the tape player in the Volvo I drove in college was a Maxell 90 II Metal.

Taking a couple of days on

Yes on. Sure I'm not going into the office but doing chores I have been dodging for months doesn't really seem like I'm taking a day off. I'm just taking my day elsewhere. Since I embarked on the Reader project I haven't had a vacation so I'm treating myself to a trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Drew's preschool class. Drew is pretty pumped about Halloween in general and we had a brief chat about it before he went to bed. You can listen to our chat on Odeo.

Master Bath Shower: EULA

When will the madness end! Love the tinyurl on the poster.

Before there was Google Reader...

...there was Newsblogger, a joint venture of Blogger and Moreover. As you know Blogger is now owned by Google and as of this week, Moreover is owned by Verisign. Congrats to Nick Denton, David Galbraith and all the Moreover folks.Newsblogger - circa 2000

My Outsourced Life

A dig at Friedman's mustache, great writing and a tempting idea. [via Waxy]

HOWTO Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software

Exactly what I was looking for earlier today. Thanks Mark!

Hammertime @ Blogger

I still haven't gotten the back-story on his visit to Google today, but there he is hanging with Case.

Worst Who Wants to be a Millionaire contestant ever

Wisdom of crowds my friend, wisdom of crowds. [via Best Week Ever]

Our project launched

I've been telling friends for a little while that I haven't really been full time on Blogger for a while, that I am going full bore on something new we dreamt up. Finally, our project launched today and I can't believe I'm still awake - so tired. I'm going to bed now but I thought a quick chronology of today was in order: Announced Google Reader now on Labs at Web 2.0Slashdot, Metafilter and everyone and their brother visited and tried to upload all their subscriptionsServers became not happy (one bad seed I suspect!) Servers became happy shortly thereafterLots of blog posts complain that the service is slow but it's BETTER. We swear!Lots of folks say nice things about it Reader in generalProblem with some OPML imports reported Fix patched in to address issueKeep making it better for the foreseeable future What can I say, we are flattered at the turn out. Big shout out to the engineers on the Reader team. It's been a lot of fun, and a lot of work. C…

Google Reader

This is the project I've been working on for some months now. Give it a whirl!

Haze of love

It’s three o’clock in the morning, Or maybe it’s four. I am thinking of you, Wondering what I should do, But I’m finally cutting through this haze. Lyrics from Haze of Love by CakeIt's early, or late. Depending on how you look at it. I'm going to bed now so I'm calling it late.Furthermore, I'll be at Web 2.0 tomorrow this morning. If we are friends, I recommend the 9:45am panel. See you there.


Product management without caffeine is like a week without Saturdays... or something.

First dance

First dance
Originally uploaded by jasonshellen.
Congratulations to my brother Grant and his lovely bride Heather who were married this weekend. Good times!

Ike Was Right About War Machine

Andy Rooney tells America that were screwing up in Iraq.