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Toyota to Offer Smart Key Wristwatches

In Japan-only for the time being.

Ashlee Simpson thinks blogs are too time consuming

Then just read MeFi, Ash.

Talk around the office

A small IM exchange regarding a pending project seeking approval from a particular group within the company. co-worker: if they try and derail it, I'll just start screaming like a crazy man. I'll let you know how crazy-man-screaming goes as a strategy for future approvals.

me: A discussion in our office has ensued about how you should use the saxophonist method of circular breathing to ensure non-stop screaming. Screaming on the in-and-out breaths. Should be a fun meeting.

At Roberts Hearings, Bored Senators Become Photojournalists

Senators discover what Summer from the OC already knew - that cameraphones are the autograph of the 21st century.

Of course if you need this service, you may need a seperate service to remind you to sign-up.

Kerplunk - The rise and fall of the Lookout Records empire.

Great read about the 'post-Dookie Lookout' [via Stereogum]

Writely - How do I post to Blogger?

This nice web-based word processing site can also post to Blogger.

Blake... da Musical

A musical about Robert Blake.

Blog Search by Google

Search blogs from all over the web.

Six-Year List of Names for Atlantic Storms

'Names are recycled every 6 years. Influential hurricanes have their names retired.'