Why I'm not going to Foo Camp

I wasn't invited.

If you are the type of person who reads this blog and might be prone to drop one of those 'so...going to Foo Camp' lines to see what brand of smart kid I am - well, I didn't make the cut. I don't know what to tell you. You have to draw the line somewhere I guess, and I'm pretty sure hipster geeks will be well represented anyway, so no offense to Tim O'Reilly or any of the other organizers or attendees. Geek out. Have fun, and please write it all down. See you at the thing in a few days or weeks and the thing after that in October or November. Have your people call my people or maybe our people can have a thing of their own and podcast it and I can just listen to it on the web anyway and then I don't have to feel bad about not going.

If you need me this weekend I'll be at the beach eating hotdogs and building sandcastles with these guys.


  1. Is it "invite-only" conference? Is it possible to pay and go nonetheless?

  2. It is in fact invite-only.

    To clarify, I'm not upset or anything - I was just tired of receiving an IM every 5 minutes from friends and acquaintances asking if I was going, so I decided to blog about it. Sorry for any confusion.

  3. I think you are luckier than the geeks going to foo camp.

  4. invent something interesting next year.

  5. Well you may not be at a startup anymore but at least you didn't use the same clipart from a Vagisil ad campaign on your latest book.

  6. Gross Dowdell.

    I don't have a problem with the O'Reilly folks - in fact they were very supportive of Pyra Labs and just cool folks all around. Much love for Tim and co.


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