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I love this nostalgic, but fake 1985 blog entry at Engadget. It reminded me that I didn't just become a hardware and software junkie overnight. It took years of trips to Radio Shack and hours of poring over stacks of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science at my grandfather's. I even held a deep seated belief that I one day would build the hovercraft from Mom's vacuum cleaner as promised in the back of Boy's Life. All of this before the first 300 baud analog coupler modem or Pong paddles entered our home.

Now that I've wandered into a post without an ending, what are your geeky memories? What made you the geek you are today?


  1. I actually ordered those plans and built the car that's just the big "saucer". It worked too. Using that as a geeky memory would be cheating now though. Programming BASIC on my Commodore 64 would have to win then.

  2. Not a comment but a very sarcastic complain. I have just built my blog on blogger and faced difficulties in editing my sidebar. No on, at this our, is reachable to help me § That's kind of unproffessionnal attitude but common with the internet.
    Please e-mail me to know wht to do for god sake !

  3. Felipe, the blogger boys care about your problem and will take care of you, but don't playa hate on Shellen's personal blog.

    My geek memory...
    When I was 14 I wanted a computer really bad and had saved up some money but nowhere near the $3,500 my dad's new IBM desktop cost. However, my dad's office had a bunch of old Amiga 500's sitting around so I was able to snag one for $500. I think it had a 12" monitor and came with a serial joystick. Oh man, what memories. I spent more time on that computer during junior high / high school than I ever did on homework. What a piece of art!


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