Marriage by the numbers

As of yesterday, I have been married to Allison for 7 lucky years and it made me think of some of the numbers in our marriage during those seven years:
  • 100,000 miles commuted. To San Jose, San Francisco, and now Mountain View. German car manufacturers love me.
  • 2500 lattes and/or cups of coffee consumed. Gotta stay alert!
  • Five - Number of years I've been blogging as of last month. Over 2/3rds of our marriage, I feel as if an apology of some sort is owed.
  • 2 children and 2000 diapers. I didn't say I changed them all. Maybe ~10%.
  • 1 friend I can count on to forever tell me whenever I need to hear it that 'Those pants would go better with your black Kenneth Cole shoes'.
Only love brings out the back-of-the-napkin statistician trapped inside me. Clearly Allison married a robot. A coffee-drinking, highway-friendly, blogging, diaper-dodging, fashionable, but utterly grateful robot.


  1. Congratulations! Yesterday was my 2nd Anniversary.

    No statistics are forthcoming, however. Ya' Robot!

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Oh, and she's just being kind out of love. The pants do NOT go with the shoes.


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