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Mike Fitzpatrick : I love ya, man

Last Friday, my father-in-law Mike Fitzpatrick collapsed after his normal morning walk by the beach near his home in Santa Cruz. He suffered a heart attack and died. He was 68. His passing is still a great shock to all of his family and friends. He had a great big heart and was a gregarious individual that seemed to have a friend in every corner of the world and down every city block. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandpa and father-in-law. He would give me a great big hug every time we parted ways and would tell me I love ya, man! with a hearty chuckle. Mike, I love ya, man and I'm going to miss seeing you, but I'll carry your spirit with me always.
[update: Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick's obituary]

Robertson issues Fatwa

Tell Robertson you don't remember assasination being advocated by Jesus.

Berners-Lee on the read/write web

Talks about how blogging is close to his original vision of the web. [via Derek Baird]

Google Talk

'Talk and IM with your friends for free'

vedana: Fresh Gmail

Eric explains a cool new feature for Gmail that just went live.

Share your geeky memories

I love this nostalgic, but fake 1985 blog entry at Engadget. It reminded me that I didn't just become a hardware and software junkie overnight. It took years of trips to Radio Shack and hours of poring over stacks of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science at my grandfather's. I even held a deep seated belief that I one day would build the hovercraft from Mom's vacuum cleaner as promised in the back of Boy's Life. All of this before the first 300 baud analog coupler modem or Pong paddles entered our home.Now that I've wandered into a post without an ending, what are your geeky memories? What made you the geek you are today?


Great UI solution for printing envelopes [via TUAW]

Lush Life West Sounds

Kanye West's The College Dropout mixed with the Beach Boys Pet Sounds.

Support Our Ribbons

What no Git-R-Done ribbon?

Blogger for Word add-in

A lot of you folks love Blogger but would rather use, say Microsoft Word, to compose your blog posts. Awesome. As of today, you can download Blogger for Word. An add-in that puts a Blogger toolbar right in Word.I have spent a lot of time on this over the past few months and I should let you know that we designed this for maximum compatibility with older versions of Word going back to Word 2000 on Windows 2000. That means that this is a very simple toolbar, but once you try round-tripping a document (publish, view on the web, make some changes, publish again) you will see that it is powerful as well. Of course the trade-off was that we couldn't support images, tables or some of the wackier formatting in Word - perhaps in another version. See the FAQ for more on system requirements and such.As Ev mentioned in his post, the biggest tradeoff is that this is Windows-only. As a Mac-fan I tried to find a good developer to do a Mac version and came up short. If you have any recommendation…

This was posted from Microsoft Word

Word, I have finally tamed you!

Live demo for Scoble - Blogger for Word

You can type whatever you like in Word, and have it posted to your blog.

Whoops! I forgot a link to our new add-in. Download it here.

Why I'm not going to Foo Camp

I wasn't invited.If you are the type of person who reads this blog and might be prone to drop one of those 'so...going to Foo Camp' lines to see what brand of smart kid I am - well, I didn't make the cut. I don't know what to tell you. You have to draw the line somewhere I guess, and I'm pretty sure hipster geeks will be well represented anyway, so no offense to Tim O'Reilly or any of the other organizers or attendees. Geek out. Have fun, and please write it all down. See you at the thing in a few days or weeks and the thing after that in October or November. Have your people call my people or maybe our people can have a thing of their own and podcast it and I can just listen to it on the web anyway and then I don't have to feel bad about not going.If you need me this weekend I'll be at the beach eating hotdogs and building sandcastles with these guys.

Scoble: Google's intranet pointing here

Though we were tempted to whip up a page that said something like: we have resisted the temptation just to amuse Mr. Scoble. The truth is the Blogger team is due to be Scobelized tomorrow morning. I think I have to drink a barium shake or something before Robert shows up. I have read Jeff Barr's guide so I plan on looking into the camera AT ALL TIMES. If that sort of thing freaks you out then perhaps you should just listen to the podcast. Podcasting 1 - Videocasting 0.

A Comparision of the Size of the Yahoo and Google Indices

'...on average Yahoo! only returns 37.4% of the results that Google does and, in many cases, returns significantly less'. Ouch.

Another Director's Path- Parte Deux

Great story from one of the brains behind Family Guy.

If Bloggers Had Been Around Throughout History

Fun Viewmaster promo put together by 6A.

Harlan McCraney: Presidential Speechalist

Andy Dick as the President's speechwriter, Harlan McCraney. Awesome!

Study: Web site's appearance matters

This posits that design by a certain gender attracts that gender. I buy that.

Google Fight : RSS 1.0 vs RSS 2.0

Calling a fight between RSS and Atom is stacking the deck by a long shot.

Crime, Pornography Taint Russian Reality Show

My fellow Americans, rejoice! We are not alone in the decay of modern civilization! The title graphic alone proves this.

Art prankster sprays Israeli wall

Love that Banksy [via rebecca's pocket]

KMaps for Treo

Cool looking mapping program that uses Google Maps.

Breaking story: Google News Feeds

Google News adds Atom and RSS feeds. Yay!

Peter Jennings, urbane news anchor, dies at 67

Rest in peace.

Jenny's phone number is 867-5309!

There is a difference between public data and publicizing data. For instance, your phone number might be publicly available via the Yellow PagesTM, the interweb, or a county record. There is a huge difference between the availability of such information and the promotion of that information. Having had some of my financial information recently posted by another blogger - I am well aware of what living in a free society entails. I don't, however, have to like it when people overstep the bounds of common decency or good sense and neither do my co-workers.

5 recent album purchases that you should actually buy too

Beck - GueroWhen Beck is on, he is ON. This is essentially a 1930's river blues album made with a Powerbook instead of a washboard. A little digital sounding in places, but even that is tweaked into 80's video game bliss. A fun album, and a throwback to Beck's earlier work.
The New Amsterdams - Worse for the WearWhen Matthew Pryor isn't frontman for the Get Up Kids, he makes more excellent music - though it's taken a while to tune his stripped down style. 2000's Never You Mind was forgettable. What a difference a few years make. There isn't a song on Worse for the Wear I don't love. A great album to listen to all the way through. Such sincerity in Pryor's voice, makes you wonder why Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carabba gets all the angsty singer/songwriter attention.
New Order - Waiting for the Sirens' CallWhen Substance landed in my hands in 1987 it became a soundtrack for my life. New Order released a few solid albums in between now and t…


Mine arrived yesterday. Such. A. Geek.

The Treo 670 is real and does run Windows Mobile

Video proof of new Treo running Pocket PC software. Weird.

Adaptive Path Helicarrier

My buddy Ryan has been thinking about the future at AP.

PHP baby doll

Nice, but where's the Mens version?

5 albums purchased recently out of a sense of obligation or guilt

Coldplay - X & Y2 out of 3 Shellen brothers approve of Coldplay, so almost grudge-like, I purchased X & Y hoping for some Yellow-gold. No such luck. Good music for hearing over the din of a restaurant.
U2 - How To Dismantle An Atomic BombI think I bought this because I was to young to have bought War when it came out. As if my $17 were some sort of statement about how big a U2 fan I am. "This album is probably crap, but I'll still plunk down money for it, that's how big a fan I am!" Not very punk rock. I don't even know if I've played the entire thing twice.
Foo Fighters - In Your HonorQuite a value, 2-CD's from Grohl and company. One rockin', one acoustic. More importantly, one of the albums is not The Colour and the Shape and the other one is not There is Nothing Left to Lose. It's hard to follow either of those. Still solid though.
White Stripes - Get Behind Me SatanAt first I hated this album. Now I love two of the songs, My Doorbell and…

Word watch: batshit

Often tied to discussions of Tom Cruise's Oprah appearance, the never-ending War on Terror TM, or in rare instances - actual guano.

5 recent album purchases I felt would help maintain my 'cred'

The Bravery - The BraveryThis is a decent U2 album. Say you were transported back in time to 1989 and you were pissed that Rattle n' Hum followed Joshua Tree and knew that they were capable of Achtung Baby but weren't quite sure it was gonna happen - this Bravery album would have filled the gap nicely. Too bad it's 2005.
The Futureheads - The FutureheadsI say they sound like the English Beat, Grant thinks they sound like XTC. Either way Seth Cohen digs 'em and they have a song about being a 900-year old robot. Can't be all bad.
Franz Ferdinand - Franz FerdinandThey seem like girlfriend stealers. Keep an eye on them, they have a few French sounding song names - sure sign of trouble. Not to mention they have a grand sense of self importance, they are named after the Austrian archduke whose assassination sparked World War I. Rockstars.
Bloc Party - Silent AlarmI think my heart is going to beat out of my chest when I listen to Silent Alarm. Lay down and have plenty of liq…

Ah sweet blog, how I've missed you

Call it a fluke if you will, but I'm going to try and dial this deal up to a more respectable level of posting. Maybe well past respectable, how about multiple posts in a day? Ok, it will probably be a mash of music stuff and lots of lists but either way look out!

Odds Against 7even

I'm a sucker for a fake viral campaign, especially when it involves free music, ringtones or podcasts from indie bands.

Fearless Basra blogger is abducted and murdered

American journalist and blogger, Steven Vincent, was assasinated in Iraq.

Calling All Luddites

Thomas Friedman in the NYTimes on the role of technology in the future of politics.

Marriage by the numbers

As of yesterday, I have been married to Allison for 7 lucky years and it made me think of some of the numbers in our marriage during those seven years: 100,000 miles commuted. To San Jose, San Francisco, and now Mountain View. German car manufacturers love me. 2500 lattes and/or cups of coffee consumed. Gotta stay alert! Five - Number of years I've been blogging as of last month. Over 2/3rds of our marriage, I feel as if an apology of some sort is owed. 2 children and 2000 diapers. I didn't say I changed them all. Maybe ~10%. 1 friend I can count on to forever tell me whenever I need to hear it that 'Those pants would go better with your black Kenneth Cole shoes'.Only love brings out the back-of-the-napkin statistician trapped inside me. Clearly Allison married a robot. A coffee-drinking, highway-friendly, blogging, diaper-dodging, fashionable, but utterly grateful robot.