Evan on incorporating feedback into products

"I think getting feedback from your community and adjusting to it is important. Those are the people we want to make happy, clearly. I think it’s really tricky knowing what you could be forever reacting to every whim. The especially tricky thing is that some of the more vocal members of the community are leaders and have big needs, but they turn out to be edge cases. I see a lot of companies, web companies, 2.0 sort of companies that attract early adopters. and they listen to them and get feedback from them. But then they kind of get sucked into pleasing these early adopters, and the early adopter is really on the next curve. And that becomes a conflict when you’re trying to reach a much more mainstream audience."
From an interview about Odeo in Playlist.


  1. A diplomatic remark by Evan. Behind closed doors surely one could be less accommodating? Internet companies are not democracies, but users of their products would like to think that they are and therefore they have the right to demand changes. They do not of course but unfortunately they seem to form mini-mob groups that roam cyberspace irrationally and uninformed. One should remember that they are just like other companies in that they need to create a need. It's been the basis of business since trading began. Too much feedback and you end up with a two-headed cow with wheels but no milk. Sadly it seems that the mob often wants that to satisfy their immediate hunger.


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