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Adam's advice and reading list for startup entrepreneurs

Some great advice from a startup veteran (and current Googler).

BV Tapestry Reserve (2000)

Recommended! (21 and over only please)

Jon Stewart's W&M 2004 Commencement Address

I'm clearly addicted to motivational speeches.

Google Maps API

Realty will never be the same.

Grokster Loses

[this is bad]

Google Video Search: "Running firetruck"

You should see a result with Grant entertaining my eldest son at a family birthday about a year ago. In my opinion, he would also make a good school bus or truck as well.

Cruise 'passionate about life'

Transcript from GMA shows Dr. Tom Cruise is either insane or a very good, but shameless self-promoter.

Female Copywriter Hates WE's Bridezilla Campaign

I have no idea what Bridezilla is, I just like that Steve Hall is calling our focus as a nation where it lies... on Lindsay Lohan's bra size.

Evan on incorporating feedback into products

"I think getting feedback from your community and adjusting to it is important. Those are the people we want to make happy, clearly. I think it’s really tricky knowing what you could be forever reacting to every whim. The especially tricky thing is that some of the more vocal members of the community are leaders and have big needs, but they turn out to be edge cases. I see a lot of companies, web companies, 2.0 sort of companies that attract early adopters. and they listen to them and get feedback from them. But then they kind of get sucked into pleasing these early adopters, and the early adopter is really on the next curve. And that becomes a conflict when you’re trying to reach a much more mainstream audience." From an interview about Odeo in Playlist.

Democratic Middle Eastern Union Votes To Invade U.S.

Funny, in an 'I should be building a bunker in the backyard, shouldn't I?' sort of way.

Go Daddy founder vents spleen about 'Gitmo'

I consider reading Bob's post a cruel form of torture. I like better anyway.

The Great British Venn Diagram

Handy for those of you who aren't a geographical smarty pants like me. [via]

Building collective wisdom from commencement speeches.

Mark Hurd on HP, R&D and the importance of customers

'Focus on the customer' the new HP way?

Top Three Things Q*bert Is Pissed About Today

C'mon you would curse too if you fell 10 stories to your doom.

Steve Jobs commencement address to the Stanford Class of 2005

Three great stories about connecting the dots in life.

UW professor holds North Korea talks

Donald Hellmann for Secretary of State!!!

Crack Creme

Catchy name, but I really don't want to rub this on my skin.

Campaign Finance Rules vs. Freedom of Blog

Red state, blue state, donkey, elephant - you all need to TAKE ACTION!

Secret TiVo Tips and Tweaks

Maybe not so secret, but a handy page nonetheless.

Call for Windows hackers (yes, Windows)

Are your Windows hacks good enough to go in an O'reilly book?

Brazil adopts open-source software

I knew those Brazilians were smart!

Kremed! -

The rise and fall of Krispy Kreme is a cautionary tale of ambition, greed, and inexperience.

Wireless Carriers' Veto Over How Phones Work Hampers Innovation

Walt Mossberg on the amount of power that US cell carriers wield.