Eat that frog

Merlin has a great suggestion on cringe busting your to-do list. I've been trying to do a similar thing for a few years now. I'm not a David Allen 'Getting Things Done' devotee, but I am a fan of 'motivational speaker' Brian Tracy, who, to the best of my knowledge, does not live in a van down by the river. I've been trying to adhere to his theory as espoused in Eat That Frog.

The basic theory is this, when prioritizing your to-do list put the most horrible, cringe-worthy task first on the list and knock it out first thing in the morning. Brian calls this your 'frog' and states that 'once you eat a live frog first thing in the morning that will be the worst thing you'll deal with all day'.


It seems to work for me especially when I keep the mantra front and center in my Tadalist. So take your pick - eat some frogs or get de-cringing, but either way times a wastin'. Get movin'!


  1. I applaud your efforts at cringe-task fulfilling, forg eating as it would be. I'm just wondering if setting yourself reminders for these tasks would work well...say with a free Backpack account? I mean, that's just what comes to mind. ;)

  2. I actually have switched to using Backpack, but didn't know about the reminder setting. I find that reminders are often annoyances because they don't truly reflect the priority of one item over another.

    Actually, in another one of Tracy's books he talks about the power of making a fresh list every day by, you'll never believe me, WRITING IT DOWN LIKE YOU WERE IN THE STONE AGE OR SOMETHING. Something about the power of making a connection between what you are physically writing and actually accomplishing the task. I think he has a point but as a technoligist I feel like there might be some techno-solution to his connection argument.

  3. I find that reminders are often annoyances because they don't truly reflect the priority of one item over another.

    True, unless you're setting reminders *only* for the highest priority items. Personally, I love that when I'm out and about distracting myself from my To-Dos, Backpack sends a little reminder text message to my cell that reminds me to get back on track.

  4. I started doing this several years ago, but then I realized that my list got longer and longer until all I was doing every day was eating frogs and I never got to do any of the fun stuff.

  5. In tackling my todos I find the cringe bust method more effective.

    When faced with multiple frogs a day, it's best to follow the ways of professional eaters, who warm up by eating smaller things first.

  6. That seems like great advice!

    As far as your mock list, scratch Ferrari and replace it with Koenigsegg!



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