Delivering on Catherine Zeta Jones promises

Oh sure, you bought your cameraphone because CZJ told you that you could share photos with your family, but really after the time you sent that picture of your car interior to your significant other and a picture of a urinal target to your brother that was about it. There wasn't a permanent address for your photos, no way to point all of your friends or family en masse to your photos. How sad CZJ - no Oscar for you.

Now you can simply send these to , and automagically you will start a new blog (it can be merged into your existing Blogger blog if you want). I'm publishing my photos to the blog I have been using for almost two years to test mobile devices: , of course the main difference is now almost all the devices I test actually work. Look for pictures of the interior of my car there shortly. Go get your own - just send a message to to begin the photography fun.


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