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Caption this

Caption this
I'm sure I'll regret doing this but I figure if I open myself up for public humiliation, next time I won't do that angry forehead thing the next time I'm at a press events staring into the lights. Try for funny, not dirty - this is a family site after all.

10 worst album covers of all time

#5- Orleans cover is uber gross.


ABC News is going podcast.

Nokia Launches Linux Based 770 Net Appliance

Nothing but net, no phone inside. [via]

Eat that frog

Merlin has a great suggestion on cringe busting your to-do list. I've been trying to do a similar thing for a few years now. I'm not a David Allen 'Getting Things Done' devotee, but I am a fan of 'motivational speaker' Brian Tracy, who, to the best of my knowledge, does not live in a van down by the river. I've been trying to adhere to his theory as espoused in Eat That Frog.The basic theory is this, when prioritizing your to-do list put the most horrible, cringe-worthy task first on the list and knock it out first thing in the morning. Brian calls this your 'frog' and states that 'once you eat a live frog first thing in the morning that will be the worst thing you'll deal with all day'.It seems to work for me especially when I keep the mantra front and center in my Tadalist. So take your pick - eat some frogs or get de-cringing, but either way times a wastin'. Get movin'!

AFF and a friend on the inside

I recently presented AdSense for Feeds at the Google Factory Tour for bloggers, journalists and any brave souls who watched the webcast. Why me? Because I worked with the AdSense team to build this product and the lead PM on this project was travelling back from New York. In other words, you have a blogger on the inside Tim.To answer Tim Bray's questions. On our AFF questionaire we ask roughly how many subscribers you think are subscribed to your feed. Tim says:I bet most feed publishers either just don’t know, or believe in a number produced by their ISP’s stats package which is almost certainly wrong.I think we are looking for an approximation and since this is new territory, I think we can expect a bit of variance. As they say, some information is better than none.Tim's second question is about some of our legal text in the T's and C' have to agree that “You will ensure that each feed user complies with, and each feed user’s display of AFF Ads is in complian…


Letting you live your life one entry at a time.

Google personalized homepage

You too can play Whitespace Invaders! Reminds me of my old Cheatsheet Creator.

Apple's homepage thru the years

A photoset that looks at the past few years of the Apple homepage.

Blake Ross on Netscape 8 problems

My favorite line: if it's impossible for you to explain a feature to your users, ask yourself what the hell it's doing there.

Digital Rebel Firmware Hack

I usually the first to try any sort of non-destructive hack but firmware level hacks make me nervous.

At the Shareholders event

I'm at the Google Shareholders Day event demo'ing Blogger right now. Hello world.

Pac-Man Turns 25

I feel old! This was our generations horse-less carriage.

dodgeball + Google

MoSoSo @ Google

GIMP for Windows

I never knew there were Win and Mac versions of GIMP.

Delivering on Catherine Zeta Jones promises

Oh sure, you bought your cameraphone because CZJ told you that you could share photos with your family, but really after the time you sent that picture of your car interior to your significant other and a picture of a urinal target to your brother that was about it. There wasn't a permanent address for your photos, no way to point all of your friends or family en masse to your photos. How sad CZJ - no Oscar for you.Now you can simply send these to , and automagically you will start a new blog (it can be merged into your existing Blogger blog if you want). I'm publishing my photos to the blog I have been using for almost two years to test mobile devices: , of course the main difference is now almost all the devices I test actually work. Look for pictures of the interior of my car there shortly. Go get your own - just send a message to to begin the photography fun.

Calif. Violent Video Game Bill Passes Committee

If the Parental Advisory labels on music are any indicator, this will only help sell more games.

The Huffington Post

Celebrity blogging aggregated by Arianna Huffington. Great first post from Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to PHP

Oddly, it's from Oracle. I must panic.

Google Blog: They are among us

Tell anyone you know with a cameraphone, it's blogging time!

Beef Relief Patch

Viral spoof for Fuddruckers. Watch out for the audio.

Backpack launches

Lists, calendars and blogs - oh my!

One-click audio news, synced with your iPod in Tiger

Automator-casting in just 14 easy steps.

Maxwell Smart eat your heart out

Sure, Max Smart had a shoe phone, but I just picked up some new sandals that put that to shame.

The Reef Fanning sandals, designed by pro surfer Mick Fanning, have a bottle opener in the sole!!! Yes, it's very frat boy, but come Cinco De Mayo - I will have an open beer. Also, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time my choice of beverage has affected my footwear.[update] For the record, I bought a pair of blue Fanning's, not the hideous House of Pain color themed sandals pictured above.

MIT Time Traveler Convention the hopes that people in the future will hear about it and come back to attend.

A whole lotta something

The world can always use another Haughey. Congratulations!

Rojo launches

Good luck to Chris Alden, Kevin Burton and crew.

FeedBurner out of beta

Announces that no gamma or delta versions will be forthcoming. Hah.