New political low?

I was reading an old post I wrote about this summer's Democratic National Convention. The post had a link to a site that promoted an event which I took part in and to the best of my knowledge Janeane Garafalo did as well, but I was too busy talking to Joe Trippi to notice. :( Now if you visit the domain, it will take you to the crapulent site. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to guess:
  1. Someone offered to pay the DCCC for the domain and soak up any available search engine linkage, thus raising it's rank in search engines like Google.
  2. Same as above but instead of the DCCC doing something slimy, the domain had expired and the person behind the OBI, bought the domain upon expiration.
  3. Evil h4x0r5 are somehow involved.
I think it's option 1. I am happy to be wrong. I Anyone know for sure? PS: I'm using 'nofollow' to link to these sites, so no rank will flow from this post.


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