The View Case Binder is the Trapper Keeper of the 21st century. I'm dorkishly excited about a new binder. This makes me feel like I'm 11 again.


  1. Jason,

    You made my day! Now I need to figure out how to get more people who like the UniKeep Case Binders to put something on the web, it sure would help my struggling company become a hit. I owe you, thank you!!!

    Most people who try the UniKeep binders get converted, we are just too small of a company to have an impact on this mature (binder) market at this early stage. This is because the competition has the history and is completely entrenched. My UniKeep invention has taken hold as a disc-packaging product (various set sizes for CD’s or DVD’s). I am sure in time many consumers will “switch” to the UniKeep case binder for paper, photos, card collections, and all of the various options we offer. As a small company it is difficult to get the exposure for a new product, and if you do get exposure how do you really show a customer all the advantages to the UniKeep system?

    Awareness has been huge problem for us because there are too many product advantages. Most marketing professional tell their clients to identify one or maybe two reasons why someone would buy a product and stick with that message. In our case (excuse the pun) sometimes we don’t know what reasons would motivate a customer to buy. . . stackable, completely enclosed, environmentally friendly, archival, easy to customize, etc.

    Anyway thanks and best wishes. If this seems a little too commercialistic I could easily live with the deletion (as an entrepreneur I am wired to brag about my invention).


  2. I also love the UniKeep binders and cases!

    I operate a small disc duplication business (jgcd.com). We serve churches and evangelists. Our traveling clients were frequently having trouble with their jewel cases breaking in transit.

    The UniKeep products are much more durable, customizable, etc. We are recommending them to all of our clients.


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