Some naming advice from Derek Baird

Via private email that I haven't asked to permission to republish, yet:
...Congrats in advance on the impending arrival and latest edition to the Shellen clan. Just remember that most the *cool* celebrity names are taken. So there will be no Apple Shellen (thanks Gwyenth), or Rocco Shellen (thanks Madonna, er, Esther), or Finnegan Shellen (thanks Eric Macormack), or the grandaddy of them all, no JerMajesty Shellen (thanks Jermaine Jackson.) Seriously, he named his kid JerMajesty. But are we shocked? No. I mean his brother named his kid Blanket. Hey.....Blanket Shellen. Nope. Scrap that one too. Oy!
Thanks Derek - will reconsider Apple and Rocco as the front runners. Though perhaps we should go old skool and go with Madonna or Jermaine?


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