A geeky post for fellow developers about comment spam

We've been discussing the comment spam problem at Google quite a bit. Preventing Comment Spam is our post describing one piece of the anti-spam puzzle. Blogger hasn't been bitten by the comment spam bug but as they say an ounce of prevention...

The fact that it went from suggested idea to implementation by 10+ companies in about 36 hours was pretty cool, but that's just the beginning. Before Blogger had native comments I wrote a comments script for this site, recently they were spammed to death and I had to pull all comments. I know my friend Kevin Fox just had a similar thing happen. Shutting down open communication channels doesn't feel good. If you are a web developer, I urge you to support the rel='nofollow' tag as soon as possible in all current and future projects. Give spammers no reason or power to spam again.


  1. Wow, that post was strangely inspirational. I had the urge to stand up and clap!

  2. what is mean of "comment spam"? who can explain to me.i am from China.

  3. dangercn:

    comment spam is basically advertising put in the comments section of a post. It usually is for online casinos and porn sites. By having their advertisments on your blog it means there are more links to their sites. Google, and most search engines, determine what order to display web pages by the number of websites linking to a site. Hence, if an online casino posts lots of comment spam then their casino will be first when someone searches for an online casino on google etc.

    BTW just discovered this blog through joi ito. it's nice.



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