Sirius time-shifting

I'm currently thinking that hooking my new Sirius receiver to the line-in on my Mac and using Audio Recorder to record 8 hours of Sirius channel 22 (1st Wave) might be really cool. I would have an 8-hour mp3 file that I could load up on my iPod and fast-forward until the next B52's song. Maybe I'll even try 24-hours of the Christmas Carol station. Now that's a podcast.


le said…
that's a cool idea. btw, how do you like sirius? I got xm a couple of months ago and I am pretty happy w/ it.
hey, if you're around this week, we should go to burrito factory or something, let me know...
Hornik said…
Have you ever considered buying a Best of the B52s CD?
Jason Shellen said…
I don't know about that CD business. That sounds like a lot of work. Also, jewel cases are made from baby harp seals. :(

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